Well, I decides I get so much email about the site, I would start sharing it with everyone. Especially the ones with pictures. Yes, is is a cheap way to get a pat on the back in public, but I take a beating in the same place a lot, so maybe I can reach a balance!!

If you want yours posted, make sure and include pics! No one, including me, just wants to read attaboys. They are all erased by one "Oh, Shit", anyway!! I love to see what's what. I saw a few pictures of one 500 done like a street chopper! Can't remember where I saw it, but would love to have pics of it. Send in just pics if you don' want to write up a mod. I will create a page just for them!


Here is Wilkes Hapers pretty '06! Nice job!

Here is David Mallory's '06 and his Mods!

Here is Bill Wilder's pretty '08 up in New Hampshire! NW Washington

Thanks to Kevin Larkin for catching the bad address!!

Here's one I am waiting on pics for.

Chris Holland wrote: Paul,

First, thanks for putting up the Flag Holder mod on your website!  I saw it and I don't know if you sent a reply to me, but I know I didn't receive one.  Because of this, I have more questions! Yes, I sent it right out that night after posting the mod.

- Where did you get your flag (and standard)?  I don't like any that I have found so far.  The only place I've found them is online.  Is there any store that might carry them where I can look at them?  I've tried bike shops (Metric, Harley and home grown) and I've tried hobby shops and such. THAT, I don't really know! Someone gave me the heavy duty 3/8" flag standard (I think I remember it was once on a boat, which is why it was so heavy duty and so heavily chromed, and came from a marine store). I simply threaded it (actually it was SO hard, I had to pay a machine shop to do it). Any way it came unscrewed and I lost it a few weeks ago! Don't even know where it fell off! Am trying to find a cheap ideal for the new one, and will post when I do. I would (if I can't find a cheap way) buy a 3/8" stainless rod, thread it to fit, and then do the top to take an ornamental head of some kind from a hardwar store. Look for the top screw on pieces for DIY lamp kits! Saw some nice eagles once (juts thought of that, will look myself tomorrow, too!) The flag, well I am kind of into our flag, so I bought a case (4th time) off ebay, because they fray so fast, especially here on the windy coast. I have about a hundred torn and tattered ones I need to take to the local VA for proper disposal.

- Which Cobra Tach did you use?  I've seen them for every make and model under the sun.  Will any Vulcan one work?  I wasn't sure because they are V-Twins and the LTD isn't. I don't know! I bought it on ebay from a guy who didn't even understand what it was! ANY that work off a single pulse from a twin cylinder engine will work. I have several readers that have used different ones. Call Cobra and ask which ones work with one pulse!

- I see in your Tach Mod that you have a clock on your handlebars.  How'd you do that?  Where'd you get the clock?  MOD INFO PLEASE!?!?!?!  LOL!!!
It isn't a mod. It is a stock clock that is from JP Cycles, and kind of presses over the bar, and has a small hex head set screw on the underneath that prevents it from moving or coming off. I believe it is a Formotion C mount (one of the cheapest I could find) and their (JPCycles) part number is 700-440,  and costs $ 39.99.  I just moved it tonight to right by the hydraulic resevoir on the right grip. I am going to mount a small Ham Radio where it was. (with a helmet interface) (Yes, I will be posting tthat too eventually)

I know you don't hear it enough (I've been there), but THANK YOU for making this info available to all of us.  We do appreciate it even though most don't mention it. I appreciate it! I only do it so others can save time and trouble. If you really like doing somethin, sharing is the next big thrill available!

Chris Holland