Here is a small but useful battery add-on kit, not really a modification, but very useful at least.

I bought one of the more popular battery charger/tender systems, and it had a quick polarized connector end, and two ring terminals to fasten it to the battery. Well the wire gauge was enough for trickle charging the battery, but that was about all the current it could handle. I like having many options for everything. As I am an Amateur Radio Operator also (Extra Class for those that care) and a Technical Advisor (among others) for the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), I tend to carry more stuff around than most. We who are involved with ham operations such as Amateur Radio EMergency Services (ARES) usually have what we call a "fly away" kit, that will provide almost any real necessary item, part, adapter, etc that we might need while performing missions for government agencies, or local emergency situations. (did you know that the MAJORITY of communications for health, welfare and aid at 9/11 ground zero was handled by hams for over 100 days? Almost ALL the city's comm for that area went down because the systems were located on the highest buildings. Yep, on the towers!) Anyway, I am drifting again. MY "fly away" kit has been somewhat tongue in cheek referred to as a "U-Haul Away" kit!! I don't ever wish I HAD brought something I need. I have it! Well this bike is the same. Gotta have STUFF, just in case! Of what? Hell, I don't know, I just know if I DON'T have it, THAT will be what someone needs!!

Anyway, back to the battery system. I went to the Local Harley dealer and got one of their battery hookups which is made to handle a LOT more current. (MUCH bigger starter motors, alternators, etc!)

This provided me with the normal hookup for the charger/ tender system, plus a few more goodies.

I got a heavy duty 25 foot extension from JC Whitney at a good price, so I could plug the bike into the charger from a ways off. Getting IN my garage is impossible, getting close is hard!


Now, I included a adapter that provides an auto accessory type socket like a lighter socket.

For this I might have all kinds of uses! Like the little (hide in your hand size) 100 watt inverter that puts out 120v AC when plugged into it! (with bike running! Battery drain is in minutes when running ANYTHING. It is only a 12 Amp battery! (alternator is only 17A) Yes, I admit I have a small soldering iron in my tool bag. What else, I am NOT going to say! I catch enough flack now, when the forks go down two inches when the tool bag is strapped on!

To finish this off, I added something I would NEVER need. (Right!) What about jumping the bike from a car should the battery fail!! The alternator will keep you going, but don't STOP!

But... hooking up to the battery with jumpers sucks! Taking seat off, etc. There are supposed to be other ways too, but not for me. Why can't I just extend my already beefed up, extended cable out from the battery and use the little jumper type clamps that came with the charger to go to a car battery? They ARE a higher gauge wire than the rest that were supplied!

OK, how about because that will put positive to negative and vice versa between the bike battery (remember 12A?) and the larger car battery (probably a couple hundred Amps!) Wow bet that 12A battery would smoke good! Problem is, electrical and electronics stuff runs on smoke! You let the smoke OUT and they don't run any more. (not mentioning fires) NO, I don't have an extinguisher on board! I couldn't find one small enough! Only Goldwings and Harley Road Kings have THAT kind of room, even for a pack rat like me!

How about we take OFF the clamps and put them on the other way, so the clamps now take positive to positive and negative to negative! YES!! AND labeling them "EN500 use only, reversed connections" so I won't forget! YES! It works. In fact the day after I got it done my battery DID die and I jumped it this way and got it home again!! I Love it when something ACTUALLY works like you plan! Here is the clamp, but pay attention to the fact this picture was taken BEFORE the Pos and Neg were swapped. (some keen eye would call me on that I am sure)

This stuff all stores (except the 25' extension cord, that has to go in the saddlebag) in the little pocket where the tool bag came in. Tight but fits nice. That is also where I brought the connector from the battery, under the edge of the seat. The Harley connector was also chosen not just for its higher current capability, but because it come with a nice built on cover that snaps into place preventing dirt or contamination from shorting the battery. Murphy don't live in THIS bike bag!