For those of us who have problems leaving turn signals operating when they shouldn't, I have inserted a buzzer in parallel with the main turn signal indicator light.

Remove the rear bolt from the instrument panel and remove the panel by tipping up at the rear and pushing the front slightly forward. You may have to pull up a bit. You are pulling the speedometer cable upward.

Disconnect both six prong electric connectors. You will probably need to push the small arrow end of the side connector lock down and pull. They do not come apart very easily.

Disconnect the speedometer cable. Pull straight or you may pull the cable itself out of the outer housing. If you do, push it back in. It will project about an inch, and should NOT turn.

I used Radio Shack Piezo Buzzer 273-060 Piezo Buzzer. I have not actually used it in motion, so do not know if it is loud enough. It is rated at 86db. The buzzer can be attached to the rear side of the the turn signal indicator. I used an X pattern and small cable ties. Trying to attach to the oil and temp lights is hard to do -- the ties push the buzzer away from the lights.

It is easiest to work on if you remove the indicator light panel from the instrument panel. Remove the upper two 8mm hex bolts, and wiggle it out of the housing. This also prevents a soldered connection from the bike's main wiring to an otherwise removable buzzer!

On my 2006, the wires from the turn light pilot are green and grey.

Attach the RED BUZZER WIRE TO THE GREY WIRE. Reverse wiring is very soft buzzer -- this buzzer is polarity sensitive.

I stripped the bike wires between the plugs and the lights for about 1/4" in a convenient spot and wrapped the rather fine buzzer wires around them (I stripped them back a bit further than "as packaged," but this is probably not needed. and soldered them and electric taped the junction.


It is probably a good idea to test the buzzer at this time. You only need key-on. You do not need to start the bike. It is a buzzer, but the light is on for a very short time, so you will only hear clicks.

Wiggle the light panel back into the instrument cluster panel. Replace the two upper bolts and snug firmly. Reconnect the speedometer cable. BE SURE YOU SCREW THE COLLAR BACK ON! (Mine was not done after one tune-up, but it stayed in place enough I discovered it when I checked coolant level, not from a non-functioning speedometer.)

Reconnect the two "hexplex" plugs. Match colors. Replace the instrument cluster panel on the tank. You may need to reach below and pull on the speedo cable. BE SURE YOU HOOK THE FRONT OF THIS PANEL. Replace the rear hold-down bolt.

There is another buzzer, # 273-059, rated at 73db. THIS IS NOWHERE NEAR LOUD ENOUGH TO HEAR OVER THE EXHAUST. The 86db that I have may be a bit marginal -- testing will tell when I get some warm weather.

Roadrunners - Darryl, RedWing, memories of Baby Wing '06 EN500 based in House, NM, USA