Battery Holder, or "How do I lift the darned thing out without losing fingernails??" Mod.

Lots of us have found ways to lift the battery out and in, but I keep seeing people ask how on the forums, so thought I would do a simple page here to show them an easy option. I use some Velcro straps I got of something? Who knows what. They work good and that's all that matters. If you want you can leave a little loose so you can pick it up with your finger, or put a cheap D shaped ring of metal or plastic in. I found one on an old toy from a grandchild!

These pictures show how easy it is, and that it does fit into the battery box, if a bit snugly. You can get long double sided Velcro (one side hooks, the other loops) at sewing shops, hardware stores or at car or home upholstery shops. I used some from Walmart that I had had to tie fishing poles together!

And here we show it fitting in the battery box.

Of course a LONG tie wrap works too! Just don't use anything metallic or that could short the battery!