Flag Holder Mod

A lot of folks have commented on my flag holder, but Chris Holland finally wrote and asked how I made it. In answering his email, I realized I had all the pictures to post the mod, so here it is.

Even before I made the single seat, I had a flag holder I bought from a local Honda dealer. It was around $70+, and broke soon after installation. I decided to make one (wow! Never did that before!) that would be cheap, easy, and replaceable! After I did my single seat mod (I know, it's not posted yet! Some pics still need to be edited!) I just modified it a little more to keep using it. The current one will fasten to the back bolt on the regular seat or on a single where the bolt hole is still available for any use.

I started out trying to find something to adapt, rather than make from scratch. I don't mine the from scratch bit, but lots of folks that come here can't do all of it, because of lack of tools, parts, and even skills. (we aren't all jacks of all trades, AND too often, masters of none, as the rest of the story goes!). So. I found an electrical connector that I remembered might work. (having worked as everything from a fisherman, and GI, to Electrical Engineer helps some of these projects!

The connector is normally used for holding large 2/0 wire coming into a commercial electrical box, whether ground or hot wire. The reason I remembered it was probably because it has a plug that screws in to hold the wire that has a 3/8" x 24 thread size. That particular size is used a LOT on CB and Ham Radio antenna work, so it kind of stuck in the memory bank. (will be changing this sometime soon for a combo Ham Antenna/ Flag mount). The connector is made by several companies like Ideal, Thomas & Betts, Tyco, and several others. I got the one shown at Home Depot for around $2 for two. Your local hardware store or electrician is a good source too. Here is a picture of the one I used. Remember, the one that takes 2/0 wire is the one that has a big enough screw plug that can be used for a mast strong enough to hold the flag against the wind!


Chris Holland found it at his Home Depot (mine only had the 2/0 size anymore and I didn't check it close enough! This one is for the 1/0, and does have the correct 3/8 x 24 thread! Thanks Chris!!

It goes over a 1/4" stud, which matches the size bolt that goes through the fender washer and hole plate. (the local hardware store has American threaded chrome bolts and nuts, but not metric, so...

Here is what it looks like to start, along with the stud taken out to show the 3/3" x 24 thread.

Here is a close up showing how rough the surface is to start. After all, it's meant to go in a junction box, not on a pretty bike!

A plain, flat file will take down those imperfections easily. Just don't take them down too far. Just get rid of the obvious gouges, and we will polish it later. (that file's a Bastard! Ohh, sorry, couldn't resist!)

I rounded the edges a little at the same time, and then polished it up on a rouge wheel. Some extra fine sandpaper would do a good enough jib. It is so small it is hardly noticeable. Here is a shot of the finished product on the bike (remember, I have a single seat). It is scratched up from use, not because I didn't follow my own directions! (Right!)

The chrome Acorn Nut kind of grabs your eye more than the mount. The black piece is a rubber, adhesive backed foot made for small cabinets and stuff. I just trimmed it to fit and provide something for the ting to rest on, so that it would not flex the fender or bend it when in the wind.

Here is the feet as they usually come, in 4s. (Radio Shack)

Another view is:

As I said, the 3/8" x 24 thread is perfect already! The next shot is of a CB spring I put in to allow the flag some movement so if I laid it down or something, maybe it wouldn't do as much damage. (more on that)

I then had a 3/8" chromed steel flag holder from something else laying around, and simply threaded the end and in we went! Done!

Now, the "more"! I FORGOT to use any kind of Lock-Tite or anything on the threads. Went to Santa Maria last week (30 miles) and kept hearing a squeaking noise! I could reach back and grab the flag and the noise stopped! MUST be the spring! May have to change that. Got home... no flag!! The "squeaking" was evidently the chromed steel mast UNSCREWING ITSELF IN THE WIND!!! The next one was due anyhow, but hated to lose the Flag and nice mast! NOW I have a excuse to make a dual band Ham antenna mount that will also hold the flag!! You can sure do this one cheap, and if you have a mast that will kinda screw into those threads, you "could" thread it through the other way for a setscrew to hold the mast!!


Finally found a source for the great chromed, heavy duty flag staff !! Dennis Kirk has them, the part number is 49-1608, for $16.99.