The risers I used are from Scootworks, and unlike a few of their products, these worked exactly as the instructions said they would!! (I like ALL their products, but some of their instructions implied simplicity AND optimism is a little overdone)

Here is a simple couple of views of the original bars from the back and front of the bike.

Nice and clean looking, and fits most folks just right. I happen to have a long (and big around) body, but short arms and legs, so several mods like this are to allow me to sit on and hold on to, the bike in a more comfortable manner. Adding the 4" risers is SO easy! You just take out the bolt that screws into the existing bars from under the triple tree clamp, and then insert the risers, and refasten, using Scootworks longer bolts! That's it! AND it not only raises the front of the bars, but the curved aspect gives you about another inch and a half of pullback, so shorter arms (like mine) can handle the bars from a more relaxed and "laid back" position! Here below, are the same two views with the new risers added.

The original cables are plenty long enough, but you may have to reroute the large cable bundle from the left hand side. It goes from loose to pretty snug. The picture was taken before I found out I could pull out an extra few inches on both sides, and have plenty of cable left on both sides. I tend to do serious 90 degree turns, especially at low speeds, and with the bars completely over either way, the cables have shown no interference or tightness.

Here is a final set of pictures comparing the two from a seats eye view. You can see the apparent differences not only in height, but the pullback I spoke about! One of THE best mods done so far.

After the cables were played with, they now look like at the left, with plenty of movement room.