This page will eventually have a tail light and license plate light mod later. Right now I have just these two pictures showing the difference in light output when changing the brake/tail light bulb from the stamdard clear bulb, to a red glass one. The red glass bulbs may be hard to find but are worth it. This does NOT apply to bulbs with painted or dipped color added to it!! The real red glass bulbs are at Auto Zone (here at least) and I don't know where else. Try and scratch the surface with your fingernail or knife. The colored ones will peel off or show scratches. the real red glass ones will not.

The reason for this change is that when a clear bulb is used, there are actually many different colors being put out, and the red lens filters out all but red, so some is just lost energy. (ask any photographer how this works!) The real red glass lens only puts put a red light and not others, so there is litle or no filtering, and the light appears brighter. NO, I DON'T know how this works!! You would think that the red glass was just acting as a filter like the red plastic lens, but it works!! A friend told me about it (we are both into photography, but he sells filters for a living AND rides a bike) and it really works! I don't even care how, as long as there is at least a little advantage doing it!

The left one is a standard intensity clear bulb with no other changes. The right one is all the same with the exception of swapping out the clear bulb with a red glass one. Nothing else was done! (Ignore the license plate light! I was playing with a blue light to reflect off the chrome without getting a ticket. I LIKE the Red, White & Blue!! (the Kalifornia law states it HAS to be lighted by a bright white light.) more on the licese plate stuff later. It's just fun, while this bulb change will let someone SEE YOU BETTER!!

Like I say, ignore the plate holder. I have those hooked to the brake switch too in the right picture, but it is the stop light tat is important!!